25,000 Steps Up Scafell


On Tuesday the 24th of July 2018, Smokestack teamed up with Wild Turkey UK to see if it was possible to make the perfect Old Fashioned 101 one thousand metres above sea level on Scafell Pike.

Well we now can confirm that it is possible! Then again, anything’s possible with Wild Turkey Bourbon.

And you don’t need to just take our word for it, the lucky people on the top of the mountain also got to enjoy a celebratory refreshment.

Check out below the Smokestack Team, Wild Turkey Rep & also some very happy guests at the top of the peak.

It took us a staggering 25,000 steps to get to the top, the climb is not the easiest but with the right motivation it’s definitely worth the trek.

So next time you’re thinking about taking a hike, why not grab a bottle of your favourite bourbon!

Where should we head next to make the perfect drink?

Email j.winter@sandinista.co.uk for your suggestions!