Don’t Waste, Drink! #3


We hope you have enjoyed our past sessions and made some already tasty drinks using ingredients you would normally just throw away!

If you missed last week’s episode, where we taught you how to make an all in one Espresso Martini Mix. click here for a recap!

One of the most ritualistic and varied cocktails, depending on personal preference, is the Bloody Mary. Everyone has their recipe and there’s a multitude of ingredients that can be incorporated into this savoury delight.

One of the more interesting ways to achieve those signature umami flavours is to create a stock with leftover vegetable scraps. The tops and tails of onions, garlic, celery, or the peels of carrots, potatoes, squash can still be used to create flavour. 

To make your Bloody Mary Mix you will need:

  • Any leftover vegetable scraps (at least 500g to get started)
  • A set of scales
  • A hand blender
  • A measuring jug
  • A stockpot with lid
  • A large fine strainer
  • Tin of chopped tomatoes or passata
  • Salt and pepper or olive brine
  • Hot Sauce or chili powder
  • Wine vinegar, lemon juice or pickle brine
bloody mary

Step 1.

Throughout the week (or after a Sunday roast!), take all those leftover vegetable scraps and unused herbs and put them to one side. Freeze if it makes life easier to build up a stockpile.

Step 2.

Once you’ve built up enough materials, we can create a tasty stock as our base. Place all over your scraps in your stockpot and cover with water. Bring to the boil, stirring it now and then. Once it has started to boil, place the lid on and simmer for at least 30 minutes. Allow to cool and then strain off into a measuring jug for use in the next step. If you’re not planning on using the stock straight away then freeze in ice cube trays until needed.

Step 3.

Add 50g of your stock (defrost first if needed) and 200g of your chopped tomatoes or passata. Blend using your hand blender or food processor. Taste and add more stock if needed. At this point you’re looking for the savoury character of the stock to come through the mix. 

Step 4.

This is the seasoning step and will be down to personal preference. Start with a pinch of salt and pepper or tsp of olive brine. Add a pinch of chili powder or hot sauce (start small you can always spice things up later!). Blend the mix and see if it’s hot enough for your tastes.


Step 5.

A Bloody Mary has a little bit of citrus bite to add depth. This can be achieved in a few different ways. If you have fresh lemon juice then great, if not then you can substitute a tsp of wine vinegar or leftover pickle juice to bring balance. Give a final taste, you should now have all the elements needed for a good Bloody Mary. Feel free to add further adjustments but remember less is more! Bottle and place in the fridge. You’ll get about 4 days shelf life. 

 Bonus Points

bloody mary hot sauce
  • Add your favourite mustard or horseradish to add an extra kick and flavour
  • Use alternative condiments like soy sauce, magi, siracha, and other world hot sauces
  • Add different spices such as celery salt, wasabi, paprika or cayenne pepper
  • Blend in other vegetables such as red pepper

Now let’s mix up a drink!

Pickle Mary

bloody mary

50ml Gin
100ml Tomato mix*
Method: Build in a glass over ice. 

*Blended tomatoes, veg peel stock, red pepper, olive brine, pickle juice, and red wine vinegar.  

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