Time for another look at our cocktail showcase. The feature in this session will be the Mercado Perla, a summery twist on the Tommy’s Margarita.

Last week we looked at the beautiful, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. To check out this drink, click here!


A cocktail with a multitude of origin stories! We’ve picked some of our favourites to share.

Margarita is Spanish for daisy. This was a popular drink in the first half of the 20th Century and also consisted of spirit, citrus and liqueur. 

A very similar drink appears in the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book of 1939 called a ‘Picador’, which has the same ingredients as a margarita minus the salt rim.


Daniel (Danny) Negrete created the drink for his girlfriend, Margarita, when he was the manager of the Garci Crespo Hotel in Puebla, Mexico, in 1936. Apparently, Margarita liked to eat salt with whatever she drank, so the salted rim on the glass made it unnecessary for her to keep reaching into the salt bowl. 

Vern Underwood, a tequila distributor for Jose Cuervo had a different story in the 1950s. He named Johnnie Durlesser, a bartender at the Los Angeles restaurant the Tail of the Cock as being the man who recreated the drink he’d had in Mexico, dubbing it the Margarita

Bertha, Bertha’s Bar Mexico

Sara Morales, an expert on Mexican Folklore, claimed it was created, circa 1930, by Dona Bertha, the owner of Bertha’s Bar in Taxco, Mexico. Morales added that the first drink created by this woman was called the Bertha; the Margarita was her second creation. The Bertha was a mix of tequila, lime, sugar and orange bitters – so not much of a stretch to a Margarita. 

Tommy’s Margarita


The Tommy’s spin off was created in the late 80s by Julio Bermejo and named after his family’s restaurant in San Francisco. A standard margarita would normally involve tequila, lime and triple sec. Tommy’s version swapped out triple sec for honey-like agave syrup to create an instant classic. If you ever want to sample one or pick from the world’s largest selection of agave spirits in the USA, then head to Tommy’s!

At Smokestack, to explore another vein to the cocktail we’ve infused the agave with green cardamom and nectarine. This gives the palate more aromatic qualities and complimentary notes of stone fruit.

Mercado Perla


Tapatio reposado tequila
nectarine & cardamom infused agave syrup*
aromatic bitters
lime juice

Shake with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass
Garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel
*Mix agave syrup with green cardamom and nectarine slices on low heat

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