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A firm favourite and one that has been on our menu for a few years is the Rosa Colada. Its obvious inspiration is everyone’s favourite holiday indulgence, the Piña Colada.

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The Pina Colada

Few drinks conjure images of deep blue seas, sandy beaches and cocktail umbrellas quite as well as the Piña Colada.

There is strong support to suggest its origin is Puerto Rican, but the individual ownership of the original recipe remains a matter of some dispute.

Two bartenders lay the initial claim to its invention: Ramon, ‘Monchito’ Marrero Perez and Ricardo Garcia. Both were working at the Hilton’s Beachcomber Bar in 1952 and have declared their right as creators. A third bartender, Ramon Portas Mingot who believes he was the inventor, was working a decade later at the Barrachina restaurant in 1963. This later claim is reinforced by a plaque in the foyer marking the location and bartender as the cocktail’s birthplace and creator.  

pina colada

Some earlier references exist. An article from a travel magazine in Cuba discusses the ‘best of all’ cocktails in the Cuban bar scene, the Piña Colada. However, the recipe given omits the creamed coconut as an ingredient and therefore looks more like a pineapple daiquiri in nature. Most likely delicious! But whether this is truly original or not remains to be seen.

A direct translation of the name is ‘strained pineapple’, marking the essential element of the cocktail’s ingredients, and rum and pineapple have always been a favoured combination. The invention of the Coco Lopez canned creamed coconut in 1948 meant that a third addition could be interwoven easily without the need for freshly hacked coconut.

The aim of our Smokestack twist was to create a more balanced version which still delivered the decadence of the original. The shrub used is a syrup prepared with vinegar and this helps cut through the cloying elements of the coconut cream. The name comes from the colour which has a rosy tint – strawberry is also part of the rose family.

Rosa Colada

Appleton White rum
coconut cream
almond milk
strawberry & balsamic shrub*  
pistachio sprinkles

Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a hurricane glass
Garnish with the sprinkles

*a mix of diced strawberries with sugar and balsamic vinegar

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