It’s Back!

Before lockdown, we were in the mists of re-vamping our weekly offerings, including our Friday evening deals, but as we all know, we got locked in our houses to protect our loved ones and the NHS.

Now that we’re finally open again, we thought it only right to bring back our Thank Funk It’s Friday offering.

Now, it’s a little simplified than before, but gives a little value to everyone on a fine Friday evening.

You all know the Hurricane Smokestack… a classic in our bar, with its inspiration rooting all the way over the pond in New Orleans. One of the main inspirations for our bar, cocktail menu and musical roots.

We’re slinging this staple drink out for just £5, every Friday 5-9pm.

To read about the full history of the Hurricane Smokestack, check out our cocktail showcase!

What else?

Well, we know there’s nothing better than to treat yourself to a bottle with friends, so grab a bottle of Prosecco for just £20

& for you beer lovers, grab a can of Heineken for just £3.50

Our current opening times at Smokestack are

  • Thursday 7pm – 3am
  • Friday 5pm – 3am
  • Saturday 1pm – 3am
  • Sunday 7pm – 3am

We are accepting bookings & walk-ins during this time. With a maximum booking of 6 persons.

Get in touch by either emailing
or text our mobile bookings line 07780115403

We’ll be releasing our other weekday offers very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media!