This week we’re relaunching the one and only Negroni Sundays!

Join us this Sunday from 7 pm and enjoy the tastes of Italy with us.
It’s very well known that we won’t be visiting any amazing over-seas destinations any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful products that come out of these amazing countries.

Especially Italy, who without, we probably wouldn’t have the amazing and well-known classic that is The Negroni.

Now, there is some speculation on the origin story of the Negroni. As with every classic cocktail, there is always a few claims to who invented what.

But as we’re paying homage to Italy and the beautifully crafted liqueurs and spirits they have given us. We’ll tell you the story of the Italian Count.


The story goes that in 1919 Count Camillo Negroni, the infamous extrovert and patron of Carsoni bar in Florence wanted a little more kick in his Americano. The bartender there, Fosco Scarselli, swapped out the usual soda ingredient for gin. This became a regular order from Count Negroni and pretty soon, regulars began ordering the same, asking for a ‘Negroni’. 

To read up on the second claim to the invention of the Negroni, check out our cocktail showcase here.

What’s in store on Sunday then?

Check out the full menu below!

We are accepting both bookings and walk-ins, if you would like to book in advance, please contact or text/call our Bookings Mobile on 07783642040

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