3 Playlists to get you through the week

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This week the country has already undergone more changes, some that we didn’t expect, some that we did. But at this time, it’s important we all stick together still. Support each other where we can, and most importantly, when in doubt, dance out.

Which is why we’ve put together 3 of our very own DJ Chico Malo’s playlists to get you through the rest of the week.

Whether you’re working from home still, commuting to the socially distanced office or are a key worker still grinding through the day in hope of a better tomorrow.

We hope you can find a little peace and enjoyment with the sounds of Smokestack where ever you are.

Remember, a better tomorrow will come.

We’ll be releasing playlists weekly so keep an eye out!


& if you’re thinking about joining us at Smokestack be sure to check out what’s on here!