Staff Social Takeovers – Alex


We’ve given the bartenders who make our bars, well who and what they are free reign over the next few weeks of our Social Media, because well why not?

We feel it’s important for you to know the faces behind the bars, what they’re up to during this very strange and frustrating time to remind you also that we’re not just a bar, we’re people too!

So first up for Smokestack was Alex who took charge of the Social Media accounts, check out below what he got up too!

First up, The Intro

As well as introducing himself for those who might not know Alex, he got chatting about our beloved, Kirkgate Market.

“Hi there, hope you’re all doing well today? I thought I’d talk about my average shopping day locked down in Leeds. Since March, I don’t think I would have coped being locked down in the city centre without having so many independent/ essential businesses still open on my doorstep. One of my favourite places to shop is the Kirkgate Market. It’s a great place to explore if you’re looking for special ingredients to add to your Quarantini or Saturday night Fakeaways. I also really enjoy looking up at the architecture of the original market building that unbelievably dates back to 1875! I’m sending much appreciation to all of the staff that have been serving the city throughout this entire pandemic!”

“I’m very much looking forward to sharing more of my day to day survival guides to lockdown with you guys over the next few days, take care!”

Alex x

Next Up, Local Art for those daily walks

Now, one thing that probably every single person in Yorkshire can agree on, is that Leeds is a hub for thriving artists taking the city by storm.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to head down Calls Landing to see Leeds’s newest wall mural?

The work was produced by local artists;

@anthonyburrill @kingandcoleeds @breadcollective @ingoodcompanyleeds

“I find it very comforting to see new pieces of art popping up around the city and I love having a reason to visit personally, my favourite spot in town!”

Alex x

And Lastly

Asking the questions we wanted to know the answers too. Alex paid tribute to his team members and the drink’s development on-site at Smokestack. When the doors are closed, that’s when we get mixing to bring you your favourite concoctions

What do you miss most about being in work with your colleagues?

It’s the drink’s development for me…

I can’t wait to get back behind the stick and see what everyone has been working on through this lockdown!

Alex x

We can’t wait until we’re back on site, surrounded by a buzzing city waiting for the street lights to come on so Smokestack can come alive again.

This week! Smokestack OG – Ben will be taking over from Alex, and let’s just say for any Smokestack music lovers out there, you’ll not want to miss what he has in store for you this week!