Staff Social Takeovers – Ben

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Week 2 of Smokestack’s social takeovers was brought to you by the one and only Ben, the man who is mainly behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. You may on occasion see him behind the bar, but for the most part, Ben is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly for the team members upon arrival for the night ahead.

He also has a massive hand it the Music side of Smokestack, he hand-picked all our band nights and organized everything from the date to the sound systems for the music on the evening.

If you’ve ever had a private hire with us and rented our equipment, you’ll have definitely had an encounter as he’s the one that ensured everything went swimmingly.

For his week, he focused on the music he loves and that we miss hearing in the venue.

He cleverly split everything up on different platforms


For 7 days Ben provided us with direct links to his favorite YouTube tracks & mixes

Here’s just a couple of highlights from the week!

First Up

Hey there Frodo here, Welcome to my take over!

Over the week I’ll be focusing on the musical side of Smokestack. Over on Twitter, the music will be linked to the realtime date for example today is David Ruffin birthday! on Instagram, I’ll be making you hear music in your head! On here ill sharing some of my favorite “Smokestack” tunes and why I like Them. At the end of the week my Spotify playlist, with these 21 songs and many more will be shared.

First up, Macka B – Roots Reggae. On a shift making drinks, this track never fails to get me dancing and singing while I work. Reggae Dancehall in style, with a solid bass line groove. The MC Rap references other artists too, which is respectful and cool.

So, anyway who Likes Bob Marley Music?

Saturday Night Staple

Ah man, the pressure, Btw it’s Frodo, but you knew that!

Saturday gotta go big or go home right? Well, they don’t get much bigger than this.

The Wild Magnolias – PartyThinking back to the rammed packed dance floors on Saturday nights, slinging drinks, and hosting one of the best parties in the town.

Then this tunes comes on and the roof blows off. Cause that’s what it’s about right making some shapes and having fun. For me, this song encapsulates that.

It’s from New Orleans, Its upbeat, loud, and proud, it is funk. What other reasons do I need?


Over on Instagram Ben wanted to give us some amazing Album & Record Covers to remind us of the songs we love to hear at Smokestack

Here are just a few!

But to check out Ben’s full collection, head over to our Instagram Page!

Finally, Twitter

Ben did alot of research for this and found out some Key Dates in January, such as, Etta James Birthday,

Sam Cooke’s Birthday

Seems to us that alot of legends were born in January!
To check out all the posts from Ben on Twitter head over to our twitter page with the links above.

Next up

To continue our staff social takeovers, up next is the Manager of the Stack, Jamie, be sure to be checking all our social media channels for updates from the man himself!